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6/15/2020 Announcement:

Ronald Wenger Elected to Forney Museum Board of Directors

YUMA, COLO – Yuma resident, Ronald Wenger, has become the newest member of the Board of Directors of the Forney Museum of Transportation, Denver. Late last year Ron was asked, by the museum’s Director, if he would submit a letter of interest and, after a round of interviews, he was elected to the board. It is because of his knowledge of and passion for vintage cars and his business acumen he was chosen to fill this vacancy.

Ron was born and raised in Yuma, CO and went to Yuma High School. He graduated, with a certificate in Automotive Technology, from Northwest Kansas Area Vocational Technical School (NWKAVTS) in Goodland, KS and taught at NWKAVTS for two years. After returning to Yuma in 1977, he opened Ron’s Car Care. Ron is also co-owner of The Orphanage in downtown Yuma.

Named after its founder, J.D. Forney, the Forney Museum of Transportation is located at 4303 Brighton Blvd., Denver. Forney Industries was best known for its electric welding machines and welding supplies. What began as a private collection of vintage cars and carriages (taken in trade for some of his welding machines), was incorporated as the Forney Museum in Ft. Collins in 1961. Their collection of over 600 artifacts includes the Timme Motorcycle Collection, Union Pacific ‘Big Boy’ Steam Locomotive #4005, Amelia Earhart’s 1923 Kissel ‘Gold Bug’, 1888 Denver Cable Car, and much more.

Always a supporter of the Forney Museum, Ron urges the public to explore one of the country’s largest and most unique transportation collections.

Welcome to The Orphanage:

The Orphanage was created, ostensibly, through a need for additional car storage.  We ran out of space at Ron’s Car Care but the cars didn’t stop coming.  At a certain point, cars start finding you.  The beautiful mid-century building at 300 S. Main Street, Yuma, CO came on the market and the rest is history.

Our odd collection is made up of mostly orphan cars, thus the name The Orphanage.  A generally accepted definition of an orphan car is one whose manufacturer is no longer in business.  Over the years the definition has been broadened to include brands no longer made by the big three, some even consider discontinued models to be orphans.  We are not exclusive, we prefer the broadest definition of the term orphan car so that we do not have to turn anyone away.

Not only does The Orphanage exhibit cars, it also exhibits the works of local, and regional artists.

The Orphanage is also a relaxed venue, available for events with up to 100 guests.  We will supply the tables and chairs, linens, and place settings.  We do not have a commercial kitchen therefore events must be catered or pot luck.  There is a large screen TV for slideshows, videos and movies and a piano for those who are musically inclined.  See the venue information page for conditions of rental.

Check out our links for other things to do while you are in Northeast Colorado.  See what car museums we think are cool.

Visit our shop and bring home something by which to remember your visit to The Orphanage.

Owners:  Ron Wenger & Richard Birnie

FB Comments:

“You both make Yuma Magical.”

Merrily H., Yuma, CO

“World class in Yuma.”

Doug A., Yuma, CO