Renovation Photos

The building was purchased in October of 2017 and construction began immediately.

Removing the paneling and floor tiles exposed the brick walls and concrete floor.  Tearing down the ceiling revealed the steel trusses.  A painted sign was exposed on the south wall.

The furnace pit and coal chute were filled in.  Rolls and rolls of insulation were destined for the newly exposed rafters.

…and more insulation.  And then it was decorated for Christmas.

The storefront was replaced, the insulation was installed and the rear walls and mezzanine floor were rebuilt.

New furnaces were installed and ducts were hung.  The lowered front ceiling was suspended and corrugated metal panels covered the cinder block wall of the adjacent building.

Chandeliers, fans and lighting fixtures went up.

The concrete floor was ground and swept and hardened and mopped and stained and burnished.  Finally, some color.

New concrete out back, tile, sheetrock and paint.

Barn doors separate the work area from the exhibition space.

Getting everything placed for the first event.


The calm before the first event.